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Grimy, Gritty, Hard Rock…..

May 17, 2011 10:30 AM at 10:30 AM      0 COMMENTS    blee     

Check out the latest review of ‘Music for Jerks’ at The Metal Observer…..


We’re gettin kinda good at this…..

May 13, 2011 11:26 AM at 11:26 AM      0 COMMENTS    blee     

Check out this interview on WPSC 88.7 BRAVE NEW RADIO!!!

Prolly the best produced interview so far…

Practice makes perfect….

Let’s keep it going – HAVE US ON YOUR SHOW!!!!!

From the moon…

April 29, 2011 10:07 PM at 10:07 PM      0 COMMENTS    blee     

Check out C-dawg and T-d’zongles interview on WBOR!!!

Carter was on Mars that day(reception was better), and T-Dawg was on the moon (intoxication)…

The Brits are Coming…..

March 29, 2011 1:38 PM at 1:38 PM      0 COMMENTS    blee     

Check out T-Dizzle’s interview on Hunter College Radio


Excessively NOT Guns ‘n’ Roses….

March 21, 2011 9:21 AM at 9:21 AM      0 COMMENTS    blee     

Hey Y’all

Check out the latest review of ‘Music for Jerks’ over at!!!!

More soon….

Talk Much???

February 20, 2011 1:53 PM at 1:53 PM      1 COMMENT    blee     

Check out some recent interviews we’ve done on radio the last couple weeks:

Here’s B & Twon with John in Harrisonburg, VA. James Madison University radio:

WXJM interview

Here’s Twon w/ Mad Man Mark, WHRW Binghamton, NY: (6:30 am, does Twon sound awake???)

WHRA interview

Here’s B w/ Terry at WSCA, Portsmouth, NH:

WSCA interview

More to come….


(If anyone has the audio of B and Dylan @ WMVL, Manhattanville, NY on Feb.11, please send it in…we’d love to have it for nostalgia’s sake, Thanks!!!)

It’s Rock and Roll, Bitches……

February 9, 2011 3:08 PM at 3:08 PM      0 COMMENTS    blee     

Check out the review of our show at Crash Mansion last week by Pat Pawlowski at .

Nice to see a writer who gets it…

Thanks Pat!!!!

PS It wouldn’t have been ‘scantly-packed’, if there wasn’t a FRACKIN BLIZZARD!!!!!

Blowin’ Up The Radio

February 2, 2011 5:42 PM at 5:42 PM      1 COMMENT    blee     

We wanna thank everyone in radioland for giving us jerks so much love…

Here’s the latest list of stations we know of that are spinnin ‘Music for Jerks’ : (let us know if we’re missin anything)

WWHR-Bowling Green, KY; WIDB-Carbondale, IL; KFLI-Prescott, AZ; WAWL-Chattanooga, TN; WFHU-Henderson, TN; KURE-Ames, IA; KAMP-Tucson, AZ; WRGW-Washington, DC; WRRG-River Grove, IL; WRDP-Chicago, IL; WXVU-Villanova,PA; KRUX-LAS Cruces,NM; WLTL-LaGrange,IL; KSCL-Shreveport, LA; WLOY-Baltimore, MD; UTD-Richardson, TX; KWUR-St. Louis, MO; WMXM-Wake Forest, IL; KMNR – Rolla, MO; WTTU – Cookeville, TN; WIIT-Chicago, IL; KAFM-Grand Junction, CO; WIUX-Bloomington, IN; WRSE-Elmhurst, IL; KSLU-St. Louis, MO; WVUR-Valaparaiso, IN; WFCF-St. Augustine, FL; WMUC- College Park, MD; and WPPJ-Pittsburgh, PA ; WESN-Bloomington, IL; WZND – Normal, IL; KXUL – Monroe, LA; WNSU – Fort Lauderdale, FL; WQAC – Alma, MI; WDUB-Granville, OH; WGMU-Fairfax, VA; WMSC- Upper Montclair, NJ; WLUW – Chicago, IL; WMSR – Oxford, OH; WRST – Oshkosh, WI; WVAU – Washington, DC; WUIC – Chicago, IL; CJLO – Montral, PQ; KSDB – Manhattan, KS; KUOI – Moscow, ID; KWLC – Decorah, IA; WBGU – Bowling Green, OH; WXJM – Harrisonburg, VA; WMLU -Farmville, VA ;KLPI – Ruston, LA; WXIN-Providence, RI; WZMB-Greenville, NC; WMHW-Mt. Pleasant, MI, WRMC-Middlebury, VT; WSBU-St. Bonaventure, NY; WMHB-Waterville, ME; WNJR-Washington, PA; WPSC-Wayne, NJ; WTJU-Charlottesville, VA; WXAC-Reading, PA; WCFM-Williamstown, MA; WKKL-W. Barnstable, MA; WTHS-Holland, MI; WHRW-Binghamton, NY; WCCS-Norton, MA; KXCI-Tucson, AZ; WMLN-Milton, MA; WSYC-Shippensburg, PA; WODU-Norfolk, VA; WXLV-Schnecksville, PA; WSWI-Evansville, IA; WARY-Valhalla, NY; WXCU-Columbus, OH; WPTS-Pittsburgh, PA; WSIA- Staten Island, NY; WSGR-Port Huron, MI; WMCX-W. Long Branch, NJ; WCVM-Morrisville, NY; WCVF-Fredonia, NY; WCWP-Brookville, NY; WHRW-Binghamton, NY; WCCS- NORTON, MA; WSCA-Portsmouth, NH; WESS-E. Stroudsburg, PA; WCFM-Williamstown, MA; WKKL-W.Barnstable, MA; WERU-E. Orland, ME; WVFI-Notre Dame, IN; WMHD-Terre Haute, IN; WRBC-Lewiston, ME; WTHS-Holland, MI; WSBF-Clemson, SC; WNMC-Traverse City, MI; WDCE-Richmond, VA; WBOR-Brunswick, ME; WHSN-Bangor, ME; WUVT, Blacksburg, VA; WWUH-W. Hartford, CT; WKPS-University Park, Pa; RLC-Piscataway, NJ; WHUS-Storrs,CT; XTSR-Towson, MD; WBWC-Berea, OH; WDWN-Auburn, NY; WECI-Richmond, IN; WFWM-Frostburg, MD; WHFR-Dearborn, MI; WMUH-Allentown, PA; WLUR-Lexington, VA; WOUB-Athens, OH; WUAG- Greensboro, NC; WUMD-Dearborn, MI; WMVL-Purchase, NY; WGLS-Glassboro, NJ; WAKE-Winston/Salem, NC; WASU- Boone, NC; WRFS-Savannah, GA; RFC-Charlotte, NC; WUMM-Machias, ME….

Please, Please, Please…. if your favorite local station isn’t rockin Hoodless… call and request TODAY!!!! Let’s keep this train rollin!!!!

Much love to all….

Us Jerks…

Hoodless Banned by CT Teen Center

November 21, 2010 2:38 PM at 2:38 PM      2 COMMENTS    admin     

Hoodless played the Amity Teen Center in Woodbridge, CT back on October 2nd and apparently the Teen Center has decided we are not worthy role models for the youth of CT. (go figure?) While working to secure another gig on their February 11th “Anti-Valentine’s Day Hardcore/Metal” show, we were told that we were no longer welcome at the teen center. The reason given was we apparently made negative remarks about the youth bands before us and made comments about “getting wasted with prostitutes and other obscene situations”.

Well yea, we made a comment about how real rock bands write their own music, and that we’re not a cover band. The youth band before us played all covers… Oh well, I guess trying to promote original creativity to teens is a controversial thing these days.

The whole drinking/prostitutes thing was a joke about Atlantic City and how Brian could have been there instead of this gig. A JOKE. Besides, we would never drink WITH a prostitute, we can’t afford that. And, oh yeah, that hardcore/metal show coming up I’m sure will be all about cupcakes and college. Sorry Woodbridge, no Hoodless for you!

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